A Promising Year for LTFAI

  • On April 17 we had a brief but useful meeting with new members participating. Long-time member and past president Birute Batraks gave a short historical overview of the organization for new members. Diana Wiese spoke about full transition to the internet and the importance of LTFAI’s online presence, with a Facebook page launched in November 2020. Ramune Jonaitis spoke briefly about changes in membership, with attrition of the first generation of artisans and the current need to reach a younger demographic via technology and the use of English. Sebastian Grinham outlined the progress of the website and trends in traffic, as updated attendees on the National Costume Archive. Danguole Breen confirmed that the LTFAI archive is being stored at the LMAC, (Lithuanian Museum-Archives of Canada) and a number of films, VHS tapes and books have been digitized. There are also books published by LTI in greater numbers than the LMAC is willing to keep, and they will have to be moved to other premises. Diana Wiese presented the financial report, noting that generating new revenue will be one of the Board’s goals.
  • Diana Wiese reminded participants that the goal of the LTFAI is to provide inspiration and to showcase practicing artisans, and to do this, it is important to continue to grow the website and enhance our online presence via Facebook. Hosting more workshops is also planned, and we will have the Sashes workshop in June. Christine Pavilanis Gaputis outlined plans for this three-session workshop. Diana Wiese also revealed that there would be a knitting (with traditional motifs) workshop in October and Joana Adamonis would conduct straw ornament (šiaudinukai) workshops again in December.
  • Danguole Breen and Ramune Jonaitis having withdrawn their names, the following members were elected to the Board: Diana Wiese, Sebastian Grinham, Birute Batraks, Christine Pavilanis Gaputis, Donna Druchunas.
  • Questions and discussions showed a renewed interest in weaving, with suggestions for a possible sub-group for weavers. Sale of LTI publications is being organized with multiple promotional approaches. It was suggested that we compile a list of various artisans, what they make and their contact info, ensure contact with other organizations (such as KLJS). A motion was presented to raise the membership fee, which was raised to $20 per year.

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