• An important figure in Lithuanian Folk Art in the diaspora is Uršulė Astrienė. She was prolific not only in straw art, but also in decorating Easter eggs. Raimundas Marius Lapas writes (in Lithuanian) in the Chicago newspaper Draugas about her amazing lacquered Easter eggs.
    Lapas rašo apie Astrienę


  • LFAI archivist Kristina Pavilanis wrote this article for Bridges in 2016 about maintaining your costume. A must-read for anyone who owns a national costume. Be proud of it!
    Caring for the National Costume


  • This fascinating article appeared in the Lithuanian Airlines Magazine in 2005. A whole new world!  A Cut-Out World by Jolanta Paškevičienė (in English)
    A Cut-Out World


  • Juzė Daužvardienė, Honorary Consul of Lithuania in Chicago and Lithuanian cookbook author, was instrumental in popularizing “šiaudinkukai”. This article from Draugas tells the story.
    Šiaudinukų plėtra JAV
  • The master crafter of šiaudinukai in the US was Uršulė Astrienė. Here is a series of articles about her work.
    Astras articles for LFAI