Frequently Asked Questions

This page includes basic information
about our events, member benefits, and other things we frequently receive questions about.


How many events to you have?

We host either a workshop ot LTFAI Talk one a month during the year except for July and August.

Where are the events held?

All workshops and LTFAI Talks are held online (unless otherwise noted).

When are events held?

See calendar of events here.

How do I participate in events?

All events require you to sign up and register. Prior to the event an invitation to the Google Meet meeting will be sent to you so you can participate just by clicking on the invite.Note that LTFAI talks are free and workshops have nominal fees for both members and non-members

Are recordings of workshops available after the class?

Yes. All workshops are recorded. If you have registered, the recording available for 30 days after a class. For LTFAI members, recordings are available as long as you are a member

Are recordings of LTFAI Talks available after the talk?

Yes. All LTFAI Talks are recorded. If you have registered, the recording is available for 30 days after the Talk. For LTFAI members, recordings are available as long as you are a member.

Do you sell any kits for your workshops?

No. The materials are readily available from around the house and/or craft stores. When you sign up for a workshop with us, you will receive a list of required tools and materials.


How can I confirm if my membership is active?

Log in and check at

How do I renew my membership?

Membership is for one year. Renewal is automatic on your signup date. You will receive an email notification a few weeks before your renewal date.

Do you have a forum for discussion?

Yes. We have a private Facebook group to discuss folk art and showcase their work with other members. You can join the group via our Facebook Page.

General Questions

Do you sell any folk art?

No.  If you want to purchase something we suggest contacting the artisan directly or going online for sourcing specific items.

Do you have any more LTFAI books for sale?

We have a very limited number of a couple of our publications available. Due to renewed interest we are looking at potentially reprinting the most popular and making them available again.

Where can I buy straw for sodai?

I found / inherited some folk art. Could you give me an approximate value?

No. We suggest reaching out to a local museum or going online to get this type of information. Quite often the item has the most value as a cherished family heirloom.

I found / inherited some folk art but don’t know anything about it. Would you be able to give me some information about the piece and the artist?

Possibly.  We are a small group but can try to track down some details about your piece.  Please note that quite often the artist can be local to your city and is not known outside of it or the piece was brought back from Lithuania.  We suggest reaching out to your local Lithuanian community as well as going on line if the artist name is known.