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By Title

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By Author

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LITUANUS-Lithuanian Quarterly Journal of Arts and SciencesVolume 40, No.1 – Spring 1994 ISSN 0024-5089

Art by Lithuanians, in Lithuania and abroad.
The Folk Art Association of Lithuania has 3000 members in 7 chapters across the country and publishes a biannual publication with some English text.
Lithuanian Museum-Archives of Canada/Kanados lietuvių muziejus archyvas.
The website of the Lithuanian Museum of Art in Lemont, Illinois, near Chicago.
Vilniaus Dailės akademija/ Vilnius Art Academy “Židinys” Gallery.  A gallery and museum dedicated to the work of Antanas and Anastazija Tamošaitis.
This site is in Lithuanian and English and presents Baltic but chiefly Lithuanian ethnic culture, architecture, folk art, folkloric symbolism, the Baltic zodiac,  ornamentation, music and other fields, with photos of actual artifacts.
This site, created to commemorate the 1000th anniversary of the name of Lithuania, historically first mentioned in the Quedlinburg Chronicles (in 1009), contains a virtual exhibition of a millennium of Lithuanian cultural heritage, preceded by a general introduction to Lithuania with a map and a multitude of interesting facts. There is a special section on Textile Patterns.
For weavers, by  Kati Meek, author of Reflections from a Flaxen Past, for Love of Lithuanian Weaving

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