Past Exhibitions

The Lithuanian Folk Art Institute has held exhibitions in various cities in North America over the course of many years. There are many photos in the book Lietuvių tautodailės institutas, but they are mostly black and white. The photos in many individual members’ albums may lack captions, dates or an appropriate resolution for the web. We hope to collect a wide gallery of colour photos from chapters and individuals throughout North America, which we will categorize geographically. We encourage our fellow members from all centres to submit photos and captions of their work, members and exhibitions to gro.i1669723896aftl@1669723896tcatn1669723896oc1669723896. Please be sure to date and caption the photos as fully as possible.

Toronto Chapter

To begin this section of the Gallery, we present a few photos from the album of folk artist Lilė Nakrošienė, a long-time member of the Toronto Chapter.